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The Restoration
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The Restoration 

Dear Customer,

Understanding The Restoration Process

One of the biggest questions we get is, how much does a restoration cost? Restoring a classic and/or any custom car is a very expensive project. There's a lot of time and money invested in any professional restoration.

The cost of a professional and correct rebuild of any vehicle is unknown to most shops and those looking to restore or build their dream car. Because of the variables involved in a restoration project or custom rebuild, there is no way to give an exact estimate of parts, time, or money. Some of these variables are:

1.) Hidden damage, sheet metal rust ( Rust is usually found in places that are not visible at the start of the project)

2.) Replace or repair body panels, fabricate panels and various parts

3.) OEM or Reproduction parts

4.) Request for changes and modifications to projects by owners

With these variables in play, our customer's, must understand why we can not give an exact estimate of time, parts, or labor. However, we can give a "guesstimation." The restoration process is never an exact process.

Project integrity, quality, and craftsmanship will not be compromised by cutting corners, and trying to fit repairs / rebuild into a set dollar amount. A professional restoration will undoubtedly exceed the market value of the vehicle. Most professional restorers will tell their customer's that they should do the work themselves if they have any concerns or reservations about the financial commitment needed to complete the project.

If you understand that you are investing in your dream car and a personally rewarding project, then you're ready to start your project. And as with so many things in life worth will take more time, money, and patience than you expect.

Once you decide to move forward, our technicians and craftsmen will work with you as a team to deliver the level of restoration that you would expect for your dream car, which you can take pride and enjoy for years. As challenging as this process is, many owners have taken on their dream car restoration with us.


Bill Cade, Co-founder

Restoration Station





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